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It is very important, prior to any purchase step, verification of the property. In Spain there is the Land Registry, with public and whose certification indicates the legal data and if there is any debt on the property.

After verifying ownership, should verify and technical urban housing situation to suit the existing legal regulations.

Once verified these processes should reach a preliminary agreement with the seller before the public deed before a notary is ready. Usually it is a private document in which the seller expresses its intention to transfer ownership to the buyer and it expresses its intention to buy at the price and agreed terms. At this point, it is common to pay between 5 and 10% of the agreed amount.

The operation must be verified by a notary. This is a public notary and the document is signed, in turn, in the Property Registry, to protect the rights of the buyer. The purchase and registration has no time limit and the death of the holder, be transmitted to the heirs.

Guarantees to ask

When signing before a notary, and it takes care of ordering the Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Land Registry certifying property level and a technical level, respectively, that housing is correct.

Anyway, it is a physical inspection of the home before purchase to determine possible defects and to ask the seller to correct them, or negotiate the price.

We also recommend checking that housing is aware of the condo fees and local taxes (Property Tax). In Spain there is another tax local (Tax Increase Heat Lands) usually paid by the seller and must state so in writing.

In addition, it must be attached to the deed of sale, the certificate of occupancy of housing and Energy Certificate. Both guarantee the suitability of purchase, or if necessary, warn of possible defects.

The buyer will have a title that may freely pass on to others, or death, his heirs by will.

Know if the purchase price is correct

There are different ways. If you. He wants a completely independent opinion, it is best to ask for a shekel. This document is conducted by independent technical and therein reflect both the legal and technical data housing, as a comparative study with the adjoining market, with you. You can check that the amount you pay is adequate.

In addition, if you. Have financing in Spain (mortgage or other loan) this shekel is that at the time asked the Bank to keep track of the value of your property.

Regardless of pricing, if you. Hire a real estate expert, real estate agent who is duly authorized (Association of Property Agents Real Estate), will indicate the references of similar homes in the area for you. Can visit them and to compare the information with data from the home you want to purchase.

Finally, there are several internet portals nationwide with extensive information on the properties for sale, although you should always verify the information published.

Taxes request

Taxes and expenses necessary to purchase a home in Spain are:

If new housing:

  • 10% value added tax (VAT) on the purchase price.
  • 1.5% stamp duty tax on the purchase amount (may vary in some Autonomous Communities).
  • Notary, about 0.10% of the purchase amount.
  • Property Registry, about 0.15% on the amount of purchase.

If second-hand housing:

  • 10% Property Transfer Tax on the purchase price.
  • Notario, about 0.10% of the purchase amount.
  • Property Registry, about 0.15% on the amount of purchase.

Sell Home

Anyone, foreign, resident or national, may have its assets without limitation, either by sale or by transfer or by inheritance to their heirs, death.

To sell, you must take into account that is free of charge, ie, have no mortgage (bank loan usually granted for purchase), embargoes (fair trial on the property) or other limitations. Should any, the buyer would retain part of the price needed to cancel.

Anyway, if you. Have you recently purchased housing, usually you have no charge, unless you have asked for a loan.

Nor have trouble getting or certificate of occupancy or the energy certificate as housing and will buy and when these documents are valid for ten years.


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