The Health Law in Spain, as last amended in June 2012 guarantees free health care from public funds, through the National Health System, the following persons:

  • Employed persons or self-employed, affiliated to the Social Security and contributor status or assimilated.
  • Pensioner's Social Security system.
  • Being a recipient of any other periodic benefit from social security, including the provision and unemployment benefits.
  • Having exhausted the benefit or unemployment benefits and be unemployed, not crediting the insured status under any other title.

In cases where none of the previously established assumptions are met, they may hold the insured status provided they show proof that do not exceed the income limit determined by regulation.

They will also have the status of beneficiaries of an insured, provided they reside in Spain, the spouse or person with similar relationship, which must exhibit the appropriate official registration, the former spouse by the insured as well as the descendants and persons in in charge of it who are under 26 or have a disability equal to or greater than 65% grade.

Private Medical Insurance

In Spain there is the possibility of hiring excellent health insurance, at a very reasonable price covering all health benefits.

For this reason many Spaniards, already covered by the health system have also hired private health insurance, as usually is less waiting time in skilled care and in most insurance when you have a surgery will cover all expenses, including those of accompanying family members stay in the hospital.

Usually health insurance coverage and divided by plans and some of them have a co-payment fee to lower the monthly cost. Some cover all specialties, others have the most extensive medical team and others have agreements with prestigious clinics or franchises. There is also possibility of hiring policies in which the insured can go to any doctor and hospital, in Spain or abroad, and are reimbursed expenses incurred; that is, that recovers everything that has cost medical care in the country that has chosen to be.

Centers and specialties

Normally, it is the GP or family is advising the patient the specialist or close to home, better able to assist medical center. In many cases, the same doctor who, before sending the appropriate specialist, asks a series of diagnostic tests to check the patient's condition, such as blood tests, x-rays, EKGs, etc.

Also the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has a service that helps the patient to seek the center that best suits their ailments, helping in identifying symptoms.

In the case of private health insurance, to hire a summary of all medical and health facilities where the insured can be treated for their ailments or symptoms it is given along with the insurance policy. hospitals serving the private patient emergency are also indicated.

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