Investor Visa (Golden Visa)

Investor Visa

The Spanish Government has recently approved an amendment to the Act granting the residence Investors, facilitating and improving some aspects of it.

The types of investment are as follows:

  • Purchase of real estate: Minimum 500,000 euros, free of charges and other taxes. You can buy several properties, provided that the sum exceeds this amount.
  • Investment in Spanish public debt of at least EUR 2,000,000.
  • Investment in shares or shares of Spanish companies, or bank deposits in Spanish banks.
  • A business project that can create jobs in Spain and is considered of general interest.

In any case, the investor may request a pre-order to make the investment, with a six-month visa.

The initial concession period is 2 years renewable for periods of 5 years, provided that investments that generated the right to remain.

No minimum stay is required in Spain, being limited to a journey through concession period. In addition, since the last legislative amendment, you can work in Spain and enjoy all the social benefits.

PThey may apply for the Visa Investor addition to the inverter itself, your spouse or domestic partner, minor children or elderly dependents and ascendants economically investor, also in a situation of economic dependence.

The concession period is 15 days after the filing of the documentation supporting the investment. Besides this, the applicant shall, in addition to the formal requirements for affiliation, criminal record, passport, photographs, the source of the money that has made the investment, to be completed before the Government Spanish European legislation on Money Laundering justify.

Our team advises both in Spain and in China, in order to prepare properly documentation and presentation to be effective in the shortest possible time. They can also advise on all legal and tax aspects of their investment, seeking the most advantageous for the same situation.

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