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The Official Language Schools (EEOOII) of Spain make up a vast network of official centers of non-university level dedicated to specialized teaching of modern languages.

In Spain there are many Official Language Schools. For a very affordable price, you will find very interesting language courses at various levels to accommodate for you.

You will find schools in which official languages ​​of the Spanish State as Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Basque and Spanish co-official languages ​​are taught.

Official language schools also offer them to study languages ​​essential today as English, German, French and even Russian; as well as those languages ​​that will mark the future as Japanese and Chinese. They have a wide range of programs for all ages ranging from intensive courses to specific classes for professionals and guarantees a vocational education, dedicated and efficient with those who reach the highest levels and preparation by qualified professionals with extensive experience in teaching teachers language and continuing education.

To enroll it is necessary to overcome the aptitude test to determine the appropriate level. They are schools with high demand, which sometimes is difficult to find the right place.

In parallel, there are a lot of Official institutes and private language schools that offer a variety of levels as both teachers and schedules to suit your needs.

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