Non-working Residence Visa

Non-working Residence Visa

This type of visa has been created for families who wish to spend a long time in Spain without working because they have their own resources.

In this case, the applicant shall, in addition to the formal requirements for affiliation, criminal record, passport photographs, which have enough income to live in Spain justify.

This revenue can come from business, labor or inheritance and must justify to the Spanish Government the lawful origin thereof, to complete the European legislation on Money Laundering.

The average amount recommended for a family of three is 40,000 euros, which is credited by receipt from a bank account on behalf of the applicant.

The Non-Profit Residence Visa may be requested by families with minor children. In the case of adults, they must prove conclusively that are economically dependent on their parents. They may also request this type of visa, the ascendants, always in the case of economically dependent on their children.

In addition, they must prove where they live in Spain. You can rent a home, or they can buy one, taking advantage of the good time to invest in Spain, where you can find very interesting and profitable options more considering that if the owner is absent, or even partly, if the surface and distribution permitting, you can rent it and get a return.

Our team can advise not only on the visa application, but also in the purchase of the property in the price and that best suits your needs area.

This type of visa does not allow work in Spain. After a year of residence, you can opt for a work permit, the corresponding change must be managed.

The concession period is one year, renewable for two by two, and thereafter you can apply for permanent residence. After ten years, you may opt for Spanish nationality, if desired.

Our team advises both in Spain and in China, in order to prepare properly visa documentation and presentation to be effective in the shortest possible time. Consult us without obligation, if you have doubts about your chances of getting a visa.

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