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24 reasons to study in China

Here are 24 reasons to study in China:

  1. The best way to expand your horizons, is to know other cultures. Often we are locked in our world, and we do not imagine that things can be very different. Obviously, we know theoretically, books, television, but the experience itself - is something else entirely. The experience of living in another culture makes you lose the prejudices soon, you begin to see the world through different eyes, you become more creative, more resourceful and open. By smartest thing you can be a man, if life he has spent in the same place, you lose a creative level to another, who was traveling, because freedom involves creation of spirit. Being in a new environment, it automatically shows you disintegrate elements of past experiences, and knit them a new and enriching experience.
  2. Travelling helps find himself, and not just because the person ceases to identify with the momentary and casual, but solidarity with their constant values. It is also important that the start value its past in a different way. Goethe already said, that in order to learn their language, learn a foreign. Because only then, as before or you noticed what seemed like the most natural thing in the world begins to shine with new colors.
  3. Chinese Culture - is the oldest planet, is much older, for example Slavic culture, and has many merits before mankind. She invented poetry silk, porcelain and gunpowder, two religions globally important and famous medical system, as well as a perfect and not yet surmountable military philosophy. Deepen this culture - not a bad idea. People are in school much less interesting cultures, and here's an inexhaustible source of knowledge. In China there are hundreds of monuments and works of arts, considered by UNESCO as the world's top. Only mention its Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall of China, who rightly could be called most significant monument in the world, with more than 5,000 kilometers (Moscow to Krasnoyarsk (Siberia)).
  4. And all this - not the dead culture, appealing only to historians and archaeologists. It is culture and every 5th person in the world, and what is even more important, is the second most powerful state economically planet. China has great economic prospects. Even as more moderate views, China will have high levels of growth for at least next 15 years. This means paying job both in the business sector (being an entrepreneur or employee), as government sector. Bussines and the state have to understand each other. And the solution is not just translation (although I work as a translator - it's always good possibility); the most important thing is for the parties know each other, know their ways, to understand what to expect from the other in case of difficulties, and how to behave in case of possible problems. That is the job of a senior consultant with great prospects, and this is not learned from books alone, without experiencing another culture as their own.
  5. Some believe that China will suffer the fate of USSR, and all are only temporary successes. And this makes no sense to unite the future professional activity with China. For this there are 3 rebuttals. First, China 20 years bears no resemblance to USSR, and has had no perestroika. Second, even if there will be a break, it will not be before at least 15 years. And third, imagine worst-case scenario of falling empire, Who will catch more fish in troubled waters? -those who know China, worked with her, there are contacts, or vultures, who were passing? So, aware of China have good prospects, regardless of how it will develop situation in China.
  6. Chinese language is the most used on our planet, speak in 1,200,000,000. They live not only in China. Chinese diaspora is also the largest planet. Chinese control most business in Thailand, Malaysia and Laos Comboya. They have influence and USA and the Arab world. And this is not just markets, shops and restaurants. It is automotive, high technology and computer sector. President Putin daughter studying Chinese. And it is not strange, soon be international language, alongside English. . But the person who knows Chinese, have many advantages: it is easy to learn English, there are many who dominate, and it is not considered a merit. Instead, European who speaks Chinese, is a rarity, and unique things are paid. Chinese translator costs more than the English. D mode, which is a safe and well-paid work. You can answer me, that since English is easier, it is logical that the Chinese communicate with the rest of the world in English. It is, but in any serious company know if you want to have a good relationship with your client, should speak their language. At the time, Japanese companies signed a contract that did not favor them, when they spoke with Japanese. In addition, in any business you have to be 100% sure you know and understand your customer perfectly. Thus, demand for Europeans mastering Chinese will grow faster than supply. Over the next several years connoisseurs of Chinese language they will be in high demand, and will earn a good living.
  7. Chinese Language - is key to other Eastern, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and other languages. Who dominates Chinese facilities will learn them, if you choose to extend their knowledge to other Eastern cultures. Person with such knowledge will open many doors, both commercial companies and state (consulates, government representatives, etc.).
  8. The most interesting thing is that if you go to China to study, learn not only Chinese, but also improve your English parallel! Why? Because in principle have to talk to the Chinese in English, this poor little English he learned in school. It will be enough for now, because most Chinese speak neither better. But this will mobilize to remember or forget, let go, and lose complex speaking in English. Then, in China it is customary to watch satellite TV with 90 channels in English. Movies and cartoons often give subtitled, I mean, you want to or not, you are also immersed in English. Also keep in mind that will study with classmates of many nationalities, and will have to talk to them in English. Among his new friends and colleagues leisure will be people from all over the world, living and working in Beijing, Shanghai ... so I can begin to improve their English. Two major languages of the world, of two superpowers, which will take pulse in coming years, and some of them won. But you bet and white, and red, and won anyway. Also think that if you study in USA, will not learn Chinese, however, if you study in China, naturally learn both languages.
  9. You know that Oxford or Cambridge are seen not so much the level of training (which by the way is pretty average), but you get there contact during your years of study. Your classmates will Craisler son of owner and top manager of Microsoft, daughter and nephew Arab sheik Potanin .. In China, university where you enroll, children will also meet Chinese business and government elite. This means that future leaders will discuss with Chinese Communist Party, future owners of factories and corporations, future senior managers, which in 15 years will sign contracts worldwide by billions of dollars. Much better to have these contacts ?! Of course, you can also study in the USA with the son of Bill Gates, but it is difficult and very expensive, but you can study with the son of a Su Shi, that within several years will sell that son of Bil Gates. . Also, once you are inside environment, please help him, and present characters that interest, "for old age." Multiply this by your contacts in Russia, the Chinese need for their business.
  10. In addition to children of Chinese elite, you study with other elite. Who are fellow students from abroad? Daughter of Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Nazarbayev's nephew .. I mean, young princes and princesses. This is also very useful contacts. Also have European partners, Arabs, Africans; these or are so impressive but also will be useful throughout life. You think you know people all over the world .. is not the same as after University of Girona you know Salt Maria and Pedro de Quart, and 20 more villagers.
  11. Shanghai or Beijing, where he will study, are comfortable cities for life. Windows are from all over China, and while some of most beautiful and prosperous cities of the world. The luxury that surrounds you there, it's amazing. Shanghai is the third tallest skyscraper in the world, and soon will eventually build the tallest. There are great restaurants around the world, luxury brands, the most exclusive boutiques. Of course, Beijing or Shanghai n are not all China. But you need not China. During studies, you have contact with the best facet of China, and will be safe from your worst. It is much better studying in Shanghai, a powerful global capital, in a provincial town USA, a remoteness, for more American it.
  12. The level of education in China is not only not worse, but better than in the West. The Chinese people announced that 21 will still belong to them, they are mobilized, seeking to get all the best, the most modern, most innovative. This also includes knowledge, concepts and theories, research techniques, laboratory equipment. You will have access to best libraries in the world, fast and cheap Internet. In China there is censorship, but in terms of pornography and military affairs, so if you are not a spy or sexual maniac, will have no problem.
  13. Those who know Chinese, they say that they have two passions - children and foreigners, they enjoy unconditional love there. Respect abroad there is like an automatic reflex. Actually, Chinese can think of a foreigner with a sense of superiority or disdain, but never or show. They consider that by their conduct abroad will review the country in general, and therefore try to be very polite, friendly and helpful. It is highly unlikely that you will have problems with the Chinese: they can be rude and rude to each other, but not with a stranger. You will feel my insurance.
  14. Speaking of crime in China is quite low. Chinese laws are very severe, for major crimes are shot in public places. In addition, the Chinese mentality is not very prone to commit crimes. Their religion, Confucianism is based on respect for elders and state. We can give incorrect change in the market, but back home at night, by a dark and little traveled, quietly.
  15. This also explains the absence of excess (drugs, unhealthy environments and subcultures like punk, skin and others). Many parents are afraid to send his son to study away from home, he feels free because the creature in question starts to go to a nightclub to nightclub, get pregnant, drinking alcohol, taking drugs .. In China it will not. China is one few countries where young really going to study, study and study, apart from having a healthy and profitable leisure.
  16. In addition to Chinese and English, you can learn any traditional arts of China. This can be cooking, medicine, acupuncture. A man I advise Kun-fu or u-shu. A young men and women also advise feng shuy. You will learn this not badly translated books but Chinese masters hand. Now imagine, who has returned to Russia or Europe. Who believes that teacher or counselor U-shu feng-shuy will be requested and better paid, he who learned at a seminar in Moscow, or who lived and studied in China? His mastery of Chinese customers will result in respect and admiration, and you do not have competition.
  17. Training in China costs quite cheap compared to USA and famous universities such as Oxford. Generally speaking, about $ 10,000 a year would be enough to pay for education, housing, food, internet and telephone, living without exorbitant luxuries. In Europe or USA it is much more expensive.
  18. Another advantage of Universities Cinos is that you can enroll and begin studying, without knowing a word of Chinese. Now you remember his acquaintances, who have id studying at universities in Europe. As were they? Smarter? DO NOT. Richer? No. Just they know any foreign language. Knowledge of languages is a major obstacle for people with moderate economic potential. There are many reasons, either because they do not learn a foreign language in our home country, but this need not be an impediment to go to study in another country. China proposes easy democratic environment for foreign students in all major universities there are no chairs for students learning Chinese outside.
  19. Naming all the advantages deformation abroad, we have forgotten the most important, the training itself. In addition to language learning, the student gets obviously a profession. Underline once again that this will be a modern profession, i requested with job prospects, as announced general line of China toward modernization, whose main instrument is modernizing training.
  20. It should also be noted that in China often have no age limitations. Thus, American foundations that offer scholarships, often limit ity of beneficiaries to 30 years. And in general the students there are usually young people, it is difficult to find a person University 30 years. Instead groups of students in China are most varied, you can see students from 18-40 years, and for this a person 30 years not a black sheep feel. Many people begin university studies after making career or party, to continue growing.
  21. This not only young people but also older people may consider studying in China. This can be for them a second chance, the opportunity to start a whole new life with new friends and contacts, new job, new environment new interests. Many personan have a gray and bleak future. Imagine a man whose profession is not requested at this time, he began working in a company since it has to do with what you have studied and this further devalues face future careers. At best, anger from one company to another, for the same position, because it can not offer more than experience and this little place. As hamster running in its wheel. All life .. Without further perspectives. These people - are also our customers. Free from old problems, lack of hope, begin to see the meaning of life and the possibility of a prosperous future employment, which does not depend on political and economic cataclysms. What else can you ask for?
  22. Another issue, which should not be ashamed, because we are all human flesh and blood. How about in China with sex? Here we can give joy to our students: European Men are generally a head taller than their Chinese peers, and sometimes seem almost giants. They have secured the attention of the opposite sex. Women in this regard are at some disadvantage, since historically the great female measures were not considered valuable. But the requirement of being small and fragile for their Chinese paisanas left and look up to European beauty in all cases. Any Russian woman in China begins to bloom, to constantly feel admiring glances, like a super model. And they will be looked only looks, as the Chinese, unlike Latinos are very ceremonious and polite, at least in his dealings with foreigners. In other words, for both men and women, China is giving chance to feel special, out of common, used to this pleasant feeling of exclusivity. The ability to engage with a countryman, or person of another nationality also increases, because in China all foreigners feel a certain way part of the same community, and have a close relationship.
  23. Another important moment. Cost of living in China. It is much cheaper than in Russia or Europe. What does this mean? That to have the same level of services in Europe will pay much less. The food there is very cheap, clothes, as we all know, is very economical. And the quality .. The first thing that getting lost in China, is prejudice on the quality of clothes made in China. All major brands are manufactured there, just pay expensive in Europe, and in China can buy for 5 tough.
  24. Speaking of quality of life, we should mention the issue of housing. Students can live in residences where they offer single or double rooms. You can also rent an apartment, if there is will and economic means, because rent of flats in Shanghai or Beijing is not cheap. But my advice is better to live in a residence for students, to integrate more smoothly into the culture and local life, practice languages, and engage.

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