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VII Exhibition Property and Immigration

He successfully completed the VII Exhibition Property & Overseas Immigration (OPIE, The 7th Overseas Property & Immigration Exhibition) with participation of society Andyer · Eurochina bridge S.L., a subsidiary of SFT Legal Services SLP. Andyer · Eurochina bridge S.L. It is an organization dedicated to seeking advisory investment projects with high profitability in Spain for Chinese customers and help in making the investment. It has offices in Beijing and Shanghai with the intention of providing advice on more comprehensive investment through the triangular structure formed by Beijing, Shanghai and Barcelona.


David Figueras, executive director of SFT Legal Services SLP and chief representative of Andyer · Eurochina bridge SL, personally presided over the seminar display in which he answered viewers a series of questions related to immigration investment in Spain, presented several projects quality as stability, investment risk and profitability, and explained the services offered by our firm and the excellent skills that have the equipment in operations.

At the same time, local media did an interview Mr. David Figueras, through which promoted information on immigration laws investment in Spain and analyzed the investment environment in the country from the point of view as a professional lawyer.

We offer high quality projects in Spain for international investment. At the moment, all major investment projects have been approved recommended and supported by the local council. In addition, we have established a good cooperative relationship with the major banks in Spain, which will facilitate the negotiation process project to investors.

According to the needs of Chinese customers, Andyer · Eurochina bridge S.L. has designed the following four types of investments: moderate, strategic, fiduciary or share purchase. Each has its own characteristics and a particular target audience. For example, for the type of moderate investments, including petrol station lease projects, you will handle a professional company that manages on behalf of the investor in order to achieve stable income and low risks. The second type, which is the strategic, includes projects wineries and resorts. This type is suitable for companies that plan to expand their business abroad. It is long term, but also provides a greater amount of performance in total. The third type is the fiduciary investments, such as selling the entire building home entertainment, provides agency services for investors through banks or other financial platforms and performance guarantees. The type of purchase of shares, in turn, it is convenient for customers seeking small scale investments and want to take as a test platform the Spanish market. Most of these projects involve buying shares of companies. Although there are differences between the models, all recommended by our firm projects take aim seek high returns and low risks for investors. Therefore, the annual rates of return on projects ranging between 6% and 12%.

For the current situation of China shows that many investors tend to operate in the international market. First choices have been countries like Spain where the housing market is in the recovery period after falling to the bottom. On the other hand, our team has good local reputation, high professionalism and great support from City Hall. As Mr. David, presides over a legal program twice a week for a local radio offering legal advice to listeners. This time he visited China, undoubtedly Chinese investors provided more accurate and reliable legal advice.

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